Lost USB with city residents' personal data found

A city in western Japan says a lost USB memory stick containing personal data of more than 460,000 residents has been found by the person who had mislaid it.

Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture said on Friday that the device was discovered one day after it said the USB was lost.

The city had asked a company to carry out the task of paying subsidies to households hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the company's employees lost the USB on Tuesday. It had data on the names, addresses and dates of birth for all the city's residents, as well as how much local taxes they had paid and information on welfare benefits.

The company explained that the employee had drinks after work and later fell asleep on the street, but when he woke up he realized that he had lost the bag containing the USB.

Company sources say he filed a theft report with the police and searched the area where he thought he lost the bag in cooperation with police officers, and later found it.