Damage from invasion of Ukraine in numbers

Four months into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, both sides have suffered heavy losses of soldiers. Ukraine's social infrastructure has also been severely damaged.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych indicated on June 11 that Ukraine was losing about 100 soldiers a day. He also noted that the overall death toll for Ukrainian troops could reach 10,000.

Russia's defense ministry announced in late March that 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed in fighting in Ukraine. Russia has not released new numbers since.

But Britain's defense ministry suggested on May 23 that around 15,000 Russian military personnel had been killed in Ukraine.

In an interview with the US magazine National Defense on June 15, Ukraine's land forces command logistics commander said Ukraine had lost about 400 tanks, 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles and 700 artillery systems -- up to 50 percent of the total.

Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov told The Economist on June 12 that in some areas Russian forces have ten times the Ukrainians' firepower. The minister urged Western countries to speed up supplies of weapons for Ukraine.

The economic damage from Russian shelling and air strikes has also been growing.

The Kyiv School of Economics reported that the direct damage to Ukraine's infrastructure had reached 103.9 billion dollars as of June 8. It also said roads, airports, healthcare institutions and schools had been damaged.

One estimate suggests that as of late May, Ukraine's economic losses had reached the equivalent of five times the country's GDP.