North Korean leader says the country should strengthen its defense capabilities

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un says the country should strengthen its defense capabilities, so that it will be able to overwhelm hostile forces.

North Korean media reported on Friday that the enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission, chaired by Kim, was held from Tuesday to Thursday.

It reported that the commission decided to add an "important military action plan" to the operational duties of frontline units. It also said the commission approved a plan to further strengthen "the country's war deterrent."

But the media did not provide any details about the nuclear and missile development programs that North Korea has been advancing.

Kim said in a speech that it is necessary for the military to maintain overwhelming self-defense capabilities and continue to improve its technologies.

The state-run media also said Ri Pyong Chol, who has been leading the country's nuclear and missile programs, has returned as one of two vice-chairpersons of the Central Military Commission.

Meanwhile, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported that a large map, which had been blurred out in a photo released of the meeting, was a map of South Korea's eastern coast.

The picture released on Thursday shows Kim being briefed by a military officer standing beside the map.

The agency cited South Korean officials as saying that border units appear to have been given instructions to carry out more provocations against Seoul.

Concerns are growing that Pyongyang may soon conduct a seventh nuclear test.