Unidentified liquid sprinkled in a train near Tokyo

Investigators report that an unidentified liquid was sprinkled in a train in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. They say the liquid smelled like vinegar and did not look dangerous.

Firefighters were informed at around 6:15 a.m. on Friday that liquid had been sprinkled in a local train. The train was running from Kashiwa Station in Chiba Prefecture to Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture on the Tobu Noda Line or TOBU URBAN PARK Line.

It stopped at Nodashi Station in Chiba Prefecture after the incident. Two teenage girls, who complained of pains or were near the liquid, were taken to a hospital.

Operations on the Tobu Noda Line were temporarily suspended between Nanakodai Station and Unga Station for about an hour.