Japan Display showcases latest LCD panels

LCD maker Japan Display has unveiled its latest line of monitors. The company is looking to refocus its business on the electric vehicle and virtual reality sectors after posting losses every year for nearly a decade.

The new range includes a driver's seat display panel that can be curved to fit the design of the vehicle. Japan Display says the monitor is in high demand from EV makers.

The company also showcased a panel for use with virtual reality goggles. It is made with more pixels than previous models and can produce images that are five times sharper than those of conventional smartphone screens. Japan Display hopes to bring the monitor into mass production sometime around 2025.

"We want to put out lots of unique products," said Nakajima Yoshiharu, Chief Technology Officer of Japan Display. "We want to grow our company with our technology and contribute to society in many ways."

Japan Display has posted net losses for eight years in a row. The firm says it hopes these new products become the pillars of its future growth.