UK defense ministry: Pro-Russian troops suffer large number of casualties

Russian forces are continuing fierce attacks in eastern Ukraine, while pro-Russian forces there are reportedly suffering a large number of casualties.

Britain's defense ministry said on Wednesday that Russia continues its heavy shelling against Severodonetsk to envelop it through Izyum in the north and through Popasna in the south.

The ministry pointed out that Russia has not released the overall number of military casualties in Ukraine since March 25.

But the ministry said pro-Russian forces in the Donetsk region acknowledged that 2,128 of their troops were killed and 8,897 wounded.

The ministry noted that the pro-Russian forces' casualty rate is equivalent to around 55 percent of the original number of troops, highlighting "extraordinary attrition" for Russian and pro-Russian forces in the Donbas.

The ministry argued that the pro-Russian forces are very likely equipped with outdated weapons.