US senators submit bipartisan gun control bill

A bipartisan group of US senators has submitted to Congress a bill aimed at curbing gun violence, following a series of deadly mass shootings in the country.

The bill submitted on Tuesday would tighten background checks on gun buyers aged 20 or younger. It would also offer financial and other types of support to state governments to enable them to confiscate firearms from individuals deemed extremely dangerous.

Efforts at gun control in the United States have been met with stiff resistance from gun lobbies and others who say their right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Both Senate majority and minority leaders issued statements welcoming the bipartisan move.

The bill does not include a ban on the sale of assault weapons and other basic control measures sought by President Joe Biden.

But US media reports say if the bill is passed, it would become the first gun control legislation since the 1994 temporary ban on the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic weapons.