2021 US Capitol riot probe: Election officials testify about receiving threats

Election workers in the United States have testified about the barrage of threats and the harassment that they dealt with after the 2020 presidential election. Former US President Donald Trump and his supporters claimed that the election had been marred by voter fraud, and that Trump should have been declared the winner.

On Tuesday, some of the workers testified before the US House of Representatives' panel investigating the Capitol riot that occurred on January 6, 2021. Trump's supporters, who were unhappy about his election loss, attacked the US Capitol building.

Trump reportedly pressured Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to try to find votes that could flip the election result. Raffensperger is the state's top election official. He told the panel that the state reviewed about 300 allegations, but did not find anything wrong. He said his family then became a target of harassment.
Raffensperger said his wife received disgusting text messages from Trump's supporters. He also said that some people broke into his daughter-in-law's home.

An election worker from Georgia said her life was upended when Trump's allies claimed that she and her fellow workers had committed voter fraud. The claim was disproven by state election officials. But she said that she still cannot go out to shop for groceries anymore. She added that she continues to feel intimidated.

Others testified that they were also harassed after they rejected Trump's claim that the election had been marred by fraud.