Fierce fighting continues in Ukraine's east

Russian forces are continuing a relentless assault on eastern Ukraine whose troops are redoubling efforts to take back captured territory.

Ukraine's deputy defense minister told local media Russian forces aim to reach the Luhansk region's administrative border by Sunday.

For weeks, fighting has centered on Severodonetsk. Hundreds of civilians are still hiding out in the city, which represents a final foothold for Ukraine's troops.

But, the country's Deputy Prime Minister is hopeful the tide is turning in the south.

Iryna Vereshchuk said, "The liberation of the areas under Russian control is coming soon. If we keep getting weapons from Europe and the US, our military has a fighting chance. Kherson is ours."

She is urging people to flee Kherson now, or risk being turned into human shields by Russian soldiers.

Ukraine is relying on western weapons to continue their fight both on land and at sea.

The British Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces used donated Harpoon anti-ship missiles to strike a Russian vessel bringing supplies to Snake Island.

The intelligence report says Ukraine's maritime defense has largely neutralized the Russian navy's efforts to control the Black Sea.