Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics cost over $10 billion

The organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics says the total cost of the Games was 1.4238 trillion yen, or about 10.5 billion dollars.

The committee reported the figure at the final meeting of the executive board on Tuesday. The Games went ahead in 2021 after a one-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. Events were held without spectators at most venues.

The Games' cost was earlier estimated to have come in at 1.644 trillion yen, or about 12.2 billion dollars.

Officials said part of the reduction of about 220 billion yen, or some 1.6 billion dollars, was achieved by reviewing contracts for restoring the venues to their original state.

The committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the central government are to share the cost. The committee will shoulder 640.4 billion yen, or about 4.7 billion dollars. Public expenditure by Tokyo and the state will be 783.4 billion yen, or about 5.8 billion dollars.

The committee, which faced the difficult task of holding the Games amid the pandemic, will be dissolved at the end of this month.

Attention is focused on whether the use of the facilities after the Games and promotion of sporting events can help gain support among the populace for the massive burden on public expenditure.