Kherson governor condemns Russia for threatening residents

The governor of southern Ukraine's Kherson has condemned Russia for threatening the residents and forcing them to stay at home and cooperate.

Hennadii Lahuta said during an online news conference on Monday that the situation is serious. He was compelled to evacuate after the Russian side dismissed him.

Russia announced in mid-March that its forces had taken full control of Kherson. The region is adjacent to Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed eight years ago.

Lahuta said Russia has not opened a single humanitarian corridor since the war started. He said people can head to Crimea.

But he added that individuals cannot travel to other areas in Ukraine, as the routes have been completely blocked. He also cited a serious shortage of medicine and other supplies.

He said that doctors and teachers are being coerced into signing contracts and working. Lahuta added that more than 600 people who criticized Russia have been detained.

The governor also spoke about the war situation in the south. He said the battle strategies used by the Ukrainian forces along the border between Kherson and Mykolaiv have been successful over the past two weeks. Lahuta said he is confident that Kherson will be liberated by the counterattacks being launched.