Chris Patten: China should be called out for acting 'dishonestly' on Hong Kong

The last British governor of Hong Kong says China is behaving "dishonorably and dishonestly" in relation to the Sino-British joint declaration on the territory.

Chris Patten spoke to NHK ahead of the 25th anniversary on July 1 of the handover of Hong Kong to China.

Patten said that in 1997 he was hoping that the Chinese Communist Party would stand by its word and would continue to give Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy and defend its freedoms under the rule of law.

But Patten said the situation has changed and deteriorated since Xi Jinping became party leader.

Patten said Britain has to keep calling out China when it is behaving badly.

Patten stressed that it is important to make a special visa -- known as the BNO visa -- available not only to Hong Kong citizens born before the handover, but also to younger generations.