Hong Kong July 1 events participants to be quarantined in advance

Authorities in Hong Kong are requiring participants of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the territory's handover to China to be quarantined beforehand.

July 1 marks 25 years since Britain handed over Hong Kong to China. Ceremonial events are scheduled for the occasion.

Legislative Council members invited to the events say the government asked them to follow anti-coronavirus measures starting Thursday.

They will be required to refrain from using public transportation and avoid attending gatherings. They must also stay in designated hotels on the eve of the anniversary.

In addition, the lawmakers and their live-in family members will be required to take PCR tests every day while the measures are in place.

Hong Kong media say elementary school students who plan to welcome dignitaries from the mainland at an airport will also be quarantined at hotels from Thursday.

This year, the territory will also have the swearing-in of its Chief Executive-elect John Lee Ka-chiu.

Every incumbent Chinese president has attended the inauguration ceremony of Hong Kong's top, which is held every five years.

Attention is focused on whether President Xi Jinping will visit Hong Kong. He has not traveled outside mainland China since the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.