NHK poll: 54% determined to vote in Upper House election

NHK's latest poll shows 54 percent of respondents definitely plan to vote in the Upper House election on July 10. The figure is up 5 percentage points from the same period in the run-up to the previous election in 2019.

NHK conducted the telephone survey over the weekend. More than 2,000 people responded.

The approval rate for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's Cabinet fell by 4 points from last week to 55 percent. The disapproval rate rose by 2 points to 25 percent.

Asked if they will vote, 54 percent said they will definitely vote and 27 percent said they intend to vote, while 10 percent were undecided and 5 percent said they will not vote.

Asked about their level of interest in the election, 18 percent said they are very interested and 47 percent said they are interested to some extent. But 22 percent are not very interested and 7 percent have no interest at all.

Questioned over their expected outcome of the election, 24 percent said they want the governing coalition to gain more seats and 27 percent said they hope the opposition camp will do so, while 42 percent said they cannot say either way.

Asked about the government's measures to tackle surging prices, 3 percent said they evaluate them very highly and 32 percent said they do so to some extent. But 40 percent said they don't evaluate them highly and 16 percent said they don't at all.

The government plans to set up an infectious diseases management agency under the Cabinet Secretariat.
Asked about their expectation for the plan, 6 percent said it's very high and 48 percent said it's relatively high, while 31 percent said it's little and 8 percent responded they have no expectation at all.