Hotel to open in cancer hospital compound to support patients, families

A hotel will soon open inside the compound of Japan's leading cancer hospital to support patients who have to spend hours traveling to the facility for treatment.

The hotel is due to open on July 1 at the National Cancer Center Hospital East in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo.

Patients from across Japan come to the hospital, a key facility for clinical tests of cancer drugs.

Hospital officials say about 10 percent of the patients spend more than two hours traveling to the hospital.

They say the 145-room hotel with capacity for around 300 people has been designed by listening to requests from patients and their families.

All the rooms have a call button to contact staff who have received nursing care training in case of an emergency.

Some rooms have showers and bathrooms for patients who wear ostomy bags, or a kitchen for long-term stayers.

The hospital and hotel will share information about patients so hotel staff can provide appropriate support.

Hospital officials believe this is the first hotel in Japan specially catering to cancer patients and their families.

Director Otsu Atsushi says he hopes the hotel will enable more patients to receive treatment at his hospital.