Birthday celebration for Tokyo panda twins

Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has held an early birthday celebration for twin panda cubs. The male, Xiao Xiao, and female, Lei Lei, were born at the zoo on June 23 last year.

On Monday, 14 groups of parents and children chosen by lottery attended the event. They watched videos of the cubs' first year and wrote messages on birthday cards.

Both pandas weighed over 27 kilograms as of June 13, or about 200 times their birthweight of about 120 grams.

The weather was hot and humid, so the cubs were not very active.

Xiao Xiao leaned on a tree and slept soundly, while Lei Lei sat on a branch and gnawed on a bamboo stalk.

At one point, Lei Lei tried to play with her brother. When Xiao Xiao ignored her, she started munching bamboo again with her mother.

The pandas were given a basket of apples along with the children's messages. Their keeper received the gifts on their behalf.