Fresh cherries shipped from northern Japan to Tokyo by bullet train

Fresh cherries from northern Japan's Yamagata were carried to Tokyo on a Shinkansen bullet train on Sunday in a campaign to introduce the appeal of the prefecture.

The train, featuring illustrations of cherries, left for the Japanese capital carrying 50 kilograms of the local delicacy harvested in Higashine City late Saturday afternoon.

Organizers of the promotional campaign said the fruit would go on sale at an event that began at a department store in downtown Tokyo last week.

An official of an agricultural cooperative in Yamagata said farmers are working hard to deliver tasty cherries to people across Japan. He said the fruit tastes best when eaten fresh.

A prefectural official said the coronavirus pandemic has made travel difficult, but people are starting to take more trips around the country. He said the prefectural government wants to promote travel to and from Yamagata by making people more aware of its charms.