Sony aims for biggest share of global image sensor market

Japan's Sony Group aims to become the dominant player in the global image sensor market with cutting-edge depth-mapping technology for cars and smartphones.

So-called Time of Flight, or ToF, sensors use laser beams to measure the distance of an object with pinpoint accuracy. Sony recently demonstrated how the devices work at its research base near Tokyo.

A smartphone with a built-in ToF sensor can align the user's movements with an avatar on the screen.

When installed in a vehicle, the sensor can track the driver's motions and posture, and apply the brakes if necessary.

Sony currently has a roughly 40 percent share of the global image sensor market. It hopes to raise that to 60 percent in fiscal 2025 with the latest depth-mapping technology.

A Sony official said demand is growing for the company's high-end sensors for smartphones and the market-share target is within reach.