Macron's centrist alliance loses majority in French parliament

The centrist alliance of French President Emmanuel Macron has suffered a major setback in the final round of the parliamentary election and has lost its majority in the National Assembly.

Sunday's runoff followed the first round of voting last week to select the National Assembly's 577 members.

The French interior ministry says that Macron's party and its coalition partners have secured 245 seats, down from 345 before the election.

A coalition of mainly far-leftists has become the main opposition force with 131 seats.

The far-right National Rally led by Marine Le Pen, who lost to Macron in the April presidential election, has won 89 seats -- a significant increase from six.

The election results are expected to make it harder for Macron to implement his agenda over the next five years.

His ruling coalition will need the opposition's cooperation to pass legislation.

The parliamentary election took place amid growing criticism of the ruling coalition over soaring prices of daily necessities, including fuel.

The opposition parties have proposed measures to curb fuel costs and lower taxes, gaining them the backing of low-income rural voters.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told reporters the unprecedented situation poses a risk to France at a time when it is facing national and international challenges.

She indicated the centrist alliance will seek the support of some opposition lawmakers.