Panda in Japan gets Father's Day gifts

A giant panda has received Father's Day gifts at a theme park in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan.

The panda, Eimei, is a father of 16.

The staff at Adventure World in Shirahama Town prepared a bouquet of 16 heart-shaped apples and a 50-centimeter-tall snowman.

They also arranged pieces of bamboo to create the message, "Thank you, always."

Eimei appeared in the playground where the gifts were placed, and grabbed and ate the apples.

The giant panda will turn 30 years old in September -- the equivalent of nearly 90 in human terms.

Panda keeper Nakaya Yuka said Eimei remains healthy and continues to eat a lot of bamboo.

She said the staff gave him the gifts to thank him and to wish him good health.