Biden: Energy security is 'climate security'

US President Joe Biden is blaming Russia's invasion of Ukraine for fueling a global energy crisis. He and other leaders have struggled to deal with soaring prices while trying to meet their climate goals.

Biden hosted leaders of about 20 countries belonging to the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate on Friday. The group includes the EU, China, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Member countries account for about 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden told the leaders that they have to work together to mitigate the immediate fallout of the climate crisis.

He said members are working to stabilize energy markets by tapping into global oil reserves. They plan the largest ever single release in the reserve's history. However, he stressed that they need to shift away from fossil fuels.

Biden said climate security and energy security "go hand in hand." He said ramping up clean energy will "remove the pain of volatile gas prices." He wants half of all new car sales in the US to involve zero-emission vehicles by 2030. And he urged the other members of the forum to adopt their own ambitious targets.