Toyota suspends some production due to parts shortage

Officials at Toyota Motor say a parts shortage is forcing them to suspend operations at some assembly lines in Japan in June and July.

Eleven lines at seven plants will be affected.

One factory is in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan. Another is Toyota Motor East Japan's facility in Miyagi Prefecture.

The suspensions will last no longer than 11 days.

The Toyota officials say they are having difficulty getting parts from suppliers in Shanghai, where many workers are off the job due to the coronavirus.

The production of about 40,000 vehicles will be affected.

The officials say Toyota will make about 750,000 units in Japan and abroad in June. That's down by 50,000 from the original target.

Shanghai virtually lifted its strict coronavirus lockdown on June 1.

But Toyota's operations are still affected. The carmaker says it will continue efforts to deliver as many vehicles as possible to customers by analyzing its parts supply chain, while avoiding sudden production cuts.