French, German, Italian leaders visit Kyiv

Several European leaders are now visiting Ukraine. As Russian forces step up their offensive in the country's east, the leaders want to convey a clear message. The European Union stands together in helping Ukraine.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Kyiv by train Thursday morning.

Macron said, "We are on our way to meet Ukraine's president and to a site where massacres have been committed. It's a message of European unity for the Ukrainian people. We want to show our support now and in the future because the weeks to come will be very difficult."

Russian forces continue their attacks in a bid to put all of the Luhansk region under their control.

They are trying to seize Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian military's last stronghold in the region. The military said on Wednesday Russia's main strike forces were trying to attack the city in nine directions all at the same time.

The region's governor says about 10,000 civilians remain there.

EU, G7 and NATO summits are scheduled for the coming weeks. The leaders will discuss Ukraine's bid to join the EU, as well as military and economic support for the country.