Thai PM faces no-confidence motion filed by opposition parties

Opposition parties in Thailand have filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and 10 other ministers.

The opposition leader submitted a list of accusations to the House speaker on Wednesday, saying Prayut had shown "incompetence in governing the country" and was "addicted to power."

Debate on the motion is expected to last for five days next month. The opposition leader said that the debate could have an impact on the country's upcoming general election expected next year.

However, passing the motion will be tough for the opposition, as the ruling coalition holds a majority in parliament. The opposition has only 208 of 477 seats.
The Prayut administration is facing headwinds ahead of the general election.

Last month's election for Bangkok's governor was seen as a harbinger of the national vote. A former minister ousted in the 2014 coup won a landslide victory, defeating an ex-governor Prayut had appointed when he served as military chief.