Toyota to offer various models for carbon neutrality

Executives at Toyota Motor say they aim to offer a range of models that cater to the needs of drivers around the world as part of its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

Toyota held its shareholders' meeting at its headquarters on Wednesday. More than 900 people took part.

Executive Vice President Maeda Masahiko spoke about the company's zero-emission strategy.

He said electric vehicles are becoming more popular in Europe where renewable energy use is growing, whereas bio fuel is more common in countries such as Brazil. He said, for now, the automaker should not narrow its options.

Responding to questions about his eventual successor, President Toyoda Akio said he wants it to be someone who respects the company's philosophy, and has acquired the necessary technical skills.

He said he's thinking deeply about the selection and related timing, and will work with shareholders to find and nurture the right person to take over his role.

Shareholders have approved five proposals presented at the meeting, including one regarding 9 directors' posts.