Survey: Minority of Japanese firms making zero-carbon efforts

A Japanese government survey has found that only a minority of businesses in the country are taking steps to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Cabinet Office conducted a survey in March on corporate efforts toward de-carbonization including cutting emissions. About 1,700 companies responded.

It showed that just 10 percent of unlisted firms said they are carrying out plans to reduce emissions. The figure for listed companies was 43 percent.

Businesses cited cost issues as well as a shortage of necessary manpower when asked what challenges they are facing.
Thirty-eight percent said they lack the necessary know-how and manpower, while 30 percent said it is difficult to respond to increases in investment and managerial costs.

Corporate efforts are essential if the Japanese government's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is to be achieved.

Officials say it is important to encourage companies to provide more training for employees in order to progress with de-carbonization.