Ukrainian prosecutors investigate suspected war crimes

Prosecutors and police in Ukraine are investigating suspected war crimes that Russian troops are alleged to have committed in towns near the capital Kyiv. The troops previously occupied those towns.

Antonov Airport in the town of Hostomel was attacked by Russian forces on February 24, the day the Russian invasion started. An apartment building nearby was severely damaged by shelling and gunfire.

Prosecutors say 86 people in the town have been confirmed dead, and many others remain missing.

The police and prosecutors collected bullet cases and food containers that Russian troops are believed to have left at an apartment complex. They plan to use them as pieces of evidence in court.

Investigators also found what appeared to be a large pit that the Russian troops dug to hide their vehicles. They measured and recorded the width and depth of the pit.

Hostomel's administration head, Taras Dumenko, said buildings in the town need to be demolished and rebuilt, but that new evidence could be found in the rubble.

Dumenko also said that officials and prosecutors will work together to record the facts surrounding the alleged war crimes. He added that he believes they will be able to identify suspects and put them on trial in accordance with international law.

Prosecution authorities in Kyiv are stepping up their investigations in the towns nearby that have suffered major damage. Prosecutors, who were dispatched to the towns, are preparing documents about the evidence they are gathering.

One of the prosecutors, Andriy Gladkiy, said that the authorities need to prove that the attacks were carried out against private houses and not military facilities.

Gladkiy said the investigations are very difficult, as there are many sites and large amounts of evidence. But he added that the prosecutors will carefully gather evidence, so that war crimes can be uncovered and trials can be held.