BTS announces hiatus to focus on solo projects

Members of BTS, the South Korean boy band that led a global K-pop craze, say they are suspending their activity as a group to focus more on solo projects.

Each of the seven BTS members talked about his plans in a video posted on YouTube on Tuesday night.

Jung Kook said they are going to spend some time individually to have fun and experience lots of things, and promised they will return someday more mature than they are now.

The group's leader RM said in tears that if they take a break now, it will be good for their future.

The members said BTS will not disband. They didn't give any specific timing for halting the group's activity.

BTS made its debut in 2013 in South Korea and became a global sensation with its overwhelming performances. It was nominated for the Grammy Awards in the US.

Having a strong influence on young people, BTS has been sending messages on various social issues.

The members attended a meeting that discussed how to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, by 2030.

They were invited to the White House by US President Joe Biden in May. They spoke of the need to accept diversity amid continuing discrimination and violence against Asian Americans.