Bloomberg: Unable to contact staffer said to have been released in China

The Chinese embassy in the United States says a Bloomberg News staff member who was detained in China in late 2020 was released on bail early this year. But Bloomberg says it has not been able to contact her.

New York-based Bloomberg said on Tuesday that the Chinese embassy in the US reported the release of the staffer, Haze Fan, on its website dated on May 6.

She is a Chinese national employed in the Bloomberg Beijing bureau. She was detained in December 2020 on suspicion of committing crimes endangering national security. China's foreign ministry said she was under investigation by Beijing authorities.

The Chinese embassy said she was arrested in July last year and was released on bail in January this year at the request of her lawyer. It added, "The case is still under investigation according to law," and that her legitimate rights and interests have been fully protected.

Bloomberg said the company will continue to do everything possible to help her and her family.

The enactment of anti-espionage legislation in 2014 led to a series of detentions of citizens, including Chinese and foreign nationals, raising concerns in the international community.