Allies to keep pressure on N.Korea

US leaders and their allies hope to dissuade North Korean authorities from more missile tests and other provocations. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin in Washington on Monday to discuss their "extended deterrence."

Blinken said their goal is to have a "peaceful and stable region." He said they would "keep the pressure on" until authorities in Pyongyang change course.

Park said any provocations, including a nuclear test, would be met with a "united and firm response."

Blinken and Park said they're still open to dialogue. But they've revived a strategy group designed to deter the North Koreans. And they reintroduced an agreement with Japan, known as GSOMIA, to share intelligence.

Last month, the Biden administration imposed more sanctions on North Korea. Blinken said they're prepared to add more penalties.