Koreeda, other directors launch group to improve Japan's film industry

Seven directors, including Koreeda Hirokazu, have established a group to improve Japan's film industry.

Speaking to reporters in Tokyo on Tuesday, the directors called for establishing a Japanese version of CNC -- France's national cinema center tasked with optimizing and promoting the country's film industry. The directors said other European countries, the United States and South Korea have similar organizations.

Koreeda, a co-representative of the group, said many Japanese movies have been made as extensions of hobbies or by volunteers, and the industry has taken advantage of such movies' attractiveness. But he said this cannot continue.

The group said workers in the country's film industry are in tough situations, as low wages and long working hours are common and some freelance staff work without contracts.

The directors plan to ask the government and industry associations to help establish an organization to supervise and support the industry.

They also announced draft guidelines on specific rules in filmmaking to prevent harassment. This comes after a number of sexual violence cases in the industry have recently come to light.