N.Korea TV profiles man said to have been Kim Jong Un mentor

North Korea's state-run television has broadcast a documentary dedicated to a late military official who was said to be a mentor of the country's leader Kim Jong Un.

The film contained an image of Kim when he was a boy. Observers say the broadcast appears to be aimed at raising people's allegiance to the leader.

Hyon Chol Hae who died last month was a marshal of the Korean People's Army and general adviser to the defense ministry. He is also believed to have given Kim military training.

The film showed Kim inspecting the military along with Hyon. It also included a picture of young Kim and Hyon.

Another image showed Kim, wearing a mask, standing at Hyon's deathbed.

The film said since when Kim was small, Hyon believed that the boy will be the only successor to his father, Kim Jong Il. It also said Hyon showed all military reports to Kim Jong Un before sending them to his father.