Rebranded McDonald's restaurants open in Russia

A new chain of burger restaurants has opened in Russia using rebranded McDonald's outlets. The US fast-food giant withdrew from the country after the invasion of Ukraine.

The chain is named "Vkusno i Tochka", meaning "Tasty and that's it" in Russian. It is operating 15 of the 850 outlets that McDonald's sold after it left.

On Sunday, the opening day, customers formed a long line to buy burgers and french-fries at a restaurant in Moscow.

One customer said everything is basically the same as before. ''Of course, the packaging is somehow new, but the main thing is the taste of the food, the quality of the food: everything is great and cool."

McDonald's closed all of its restaurants in Russia in March after the country invaded Ukraine, and later sold its business to a local buyer.

The new Russian operator apparently plans to make its domestic brand bigger. Its chief executive says he plans to increase the number of restaurants beyond the 850 that McDonald's had.