Tree climbers compete in Japan for chance to take world title

Clamberers have demonstrated their tree-climbing skills in central Japan in an attempt to gain a place in the world championships in the competitive pursuit later this year.

The competition originated in the United States and sees climbers using ropes and harnesses to complete a set of tasks.

The original aim of the contest was to provide arborists a chance to show their skills among the branches and to foster interest in trees.

The four contestants in Japan's Toyama Prefecture had to snag a branch about 20 meters up by throwing a weighted rope from the ground. They then shimmied up a rope into the canopy and rang bells placed at various points in the tree.

The competitors had to complete their tasks and demonstrate knowledge of how to use tools safely in less than 30-minutes in a large tulip tree.

The winner of the event is to climb to the next level of competition at the world championships scheduled for September in Denmark.