Artificial beach opens on Manila Bay

Tourists and local residents are flocking to a new artificial beach on Manila Bay in the Philippines.

The opening of the beach on Sunday coincided with the Philippines' 124th Independence Day. Spain ruled the country for more than 300 years.

The 500-meter-long white sandy beach is made of crushed rocks from Cebu Island.

Many people enjoyed relaxing and taking photos at the newly-opened tourist spot.

A 21-year-old woman who visited with her family said she was so happy to see the beautiful beach. A Danish man who lives in Manila also praised the beach, saying it will attract many tourists.

The authorities have banned swimming at the beach because of the serious water contamination in Manila Bay. A government inspection in May found that the levels of e-coli bacteria per 100 milliliters of water were over nine times the legal limit.

An official of the Philippines' environment ministry says the government will step up efforts to purify the water in the bay to enable people to enjoy swimming and fishing along the artificial beach.