Canada, China trade barbs at Asia security meet

Canada's defense minister has criticized China over the country's growing presence in the Indo-Pacific region.

Anita Anand gave a speech on Sunday at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an Asian security forum meeting in Singapore.

The minister said Canada is concerned about China's behavior in the East and South China seas. She went on to say that China's actions are hurting the international order.

Anand said cooperation with partners has become even more important than ever under such circumstances. She also indicated that Canada will increase its involvement in the Indo-Pacific region by dispatching frigates and helicopters.

An officer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army criticized Canada, saying that patrol activities by Canadian vessels and fighters in the South China Sea are causing confusion and anxiety in Asia.

Anand said in response that China's activities that neglect international rules cannot be tolerated, pointing to its behavior in the East and South China seas.