China defense minister warns against involvement in Taiwan

China's defense minister says the country will fight to the finish if someone tries to separate it from Taiwan, an apparent warning against the United States stepping up its involvement in Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe delivered a speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an Asian security forum meeting in Singapore, on Sunday.

The minister said Taiwan falls under China's internal affairs and unification with Taiwan must be achieved at all costs.

He noted "peaceful" unification is the greatest wish for the Chinese people, and his country is doing its utmost efforts toward that ambition.

Wei pointed out that certain countries run counter to the principle and commitment to "one China," and tolerate the movement toward separating Taiwan from China.

He stressed that the Chinese military's determination and enormous capability to protect the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be overlooked.

The minister warned the US to stop smearing China, or trying to contain it or interfering in the country's internal affairs.

Wei said the militaries of the two countries should avoid making wrong decisions while enhancing each other's trust. He said both sides should control risks to prevent friction and confrontations.

He expressed hope that Beijing and Washington will build a healthy and stable bilateral relationship.