Protesters call for gun control laws in US

Protesters have gathered in hundreds of places in the United States calling for a stricter gun control as mass shootings continue to take place in the country.

In May, an 18-year-old suspect shot and killed 10 people at the supermarket in New York state.

Later in the month 19 children and two adults were killed by an 18-year-old in an elementary school in Texas.

Thousands of people came to Washington on Saturday and demanded that lawmakers approve gun control bills.

A former student of a Florida high school where 17 people were killed in a gun attack in 2018 called on senators for immediate action on gun control.

The US House recently passed bills regulating gun sales including raising the age limit to buy certain highly lethal weapons. But the Republican controlled Senate is unlikely to pass the bills.

One of the protesters said that loud noises frighten her and that guns have to be controlled as she is tired of living in fear.