Kishi aims to get Japan ready for potential risk in Indo-Pacific

Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo has warned that something similar to Russia's invasion of Ukraine could happen in the Indo-Pacific and stressed his intention to secure a budget for boosting Japan's defense.

Kishi delivered a speech on Saturday at the Shangri-La Dialogue, which is being held in Singapore.

He described Russia's military aggression as a violent act that poses a nuclear weapons threat and which tries to unilaterally change the status quo using enormous military power.

He said Russia's invasion has reminded him of the "frightening fact" that a country that resorts to these violent acts exists.

Kishi pointed to an internationally shared concern about the potential danger of something similar to the invasion of Ukraine happening in the Indo-Pacific region.

The defense chief said Japan stands at the front line to protect international order based on rules.

Kishi said he will pursue revisions to the national security strategy to take drastic steps to boost his country's defense. He said it is part of Japan's self-help efforts to cement its path as a pacifist nation.

His comment comes at a time when North Korea is developing a nuclear arsenal and missiles, and China is stepping up its maritime activities.

Kishi did not directly name China, but spoke of an attempt to strengthen military power without giving up the possibility of using force against Taiwan.
He also spoke of a country that ignores rules and tries to take advantage of other nations' weakness. He said that country uses loans to its own advantage under terms that cannot be mutually beneficial for borrowing countries.