Japanese dept. store uses social media to attract foreign customers

One of Japan's leading department store chains is boosting its efforts to attract overseas customers through social media.

Isetan Mitsukoshi hopes the move will help sales recover after Japan eased its anti-coronavirus border controls and started accepting foreign tourists.

The department store operator has been sending out information mainly to Chinese customers since this spring.

It primarily used its Chinese social media platform to introduce tourist spots in Japan, hoping to keep customers interested in the country.

The channel has now had a major overhaul and introduces products that are trendy in Japan and available at the group's Isetan store in Tokyo.

After the easing of border controls, the channel started promoting high-end items such as wristwatches to raise its brand image. The store operator hopes this will lead to an early recovery in sales.

Tanii Chieko of Isetan Mitsukoshi said "We've been waiting for overseas customers for a long time.
So we hope this move will encourage many people to come to Japan and enjoy shopping in our department stores."