Macron appeals for support ahead of parliamentary elections

French President Emmanuel Macron has appealed for support ahead of this month's parliamentary elections, as his ruling coalition faces the possibility of losing a majority amid public dissatisfaction over soaring prices.

Candidates are vying for 577 seats in the lower-house National Assembly. The first round of voting will be held on Sunday, following the presidential election in April.

The far-right party led by Marine Le Pen, Macron's rival in the presidential run-off, and a coalition of mainly far-left parties are gaining ground with their proposed measures against soaring prices that have been fueled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Macron spoke at a rally in southern France on Thursday.

He called for a strong and clear majority for his bloc to implement his policies, saying the proposals by those he called "extremists" would add "a French disorder on top of a world disorder."

The Macron administration has come up with a series of measures in the face of price hikes, including an aid program for people who are struggling to buy food, and a pension increase.

But the latest polls show the president's camp could fail to win a majority in the parliament, where his coalition currently retains 60 percent of the seats.

The elections will be held on June 12. Run-off elections will be held on June 19 in the constituencies where no candidates have won a majority.