460-meter-long beachside bench repainted in Shika Town, Ishikawa Prefecture

A beachside bench that stretches 460 meters along the Sea of Japan coast has been repainted ahead of the country's summer tourist season.

About 150 people, including local elementary school students and officials associated with tourism, joined the work in Shika Town in Ishikawa Prefecture on Thursday.

The participants covered the bench with a new coat of ocher paint.

The bench was set up in 1987, as local people wanted visitors to view the sunset over the sea. It was once recognized as the world's longest bench by the Guinness World Records.

The repainting was done for the first time in three years ahead of the summer tourist season. The annual event was cancelled twice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A fifth-grader boy who took part in the event said the painting was tough and he wants many people to visit the site.

A junior high school girl said the bench is no longer the world's longest, but she wants it to be the world's most beautiful one.