Taiwan's main opposition party reopens US office

Taiwan's main opposition party, the Kuomintang, or KMT, has reopened its US office after 14 years.

KMT Chairman Eric Chu and others celebrated the reopening of the representative office in Washington on Wednesday. The previous office was closed in 2008.

The new office is located between the White House and the US Capitol, and is about a kilometer from each.

The KMT apparently wants to win back power in a future election by strengthening communication with Taiwan's largest supporter -- the US government and Congress, and by dispelling the image that the party is excessively conciliatory toward China.

Chu said the KMT is pro-United States and pro-democracy. He added that the mislabeling of the party as being pro-Beijing was propaganda. He went on to say, "This office is a very, very important signal to all our friends in Washington D.C."