Myanmar shadow government sets up police force

Myanmar's shadow government has announced it has set up its own police force as part of the effort to resist the military junta that took power in a coup last year.

The pro-democracy National Unity Government says the police force will take action against terrorism, war crimes and violations of human rights.

The NUG says the force will uphold the rule of law during the interim period. But the announcement doesn't say where it will operate, or how many personnel it has.

The NUG formed its People's Defence Force last year to fight the junta. It's been active mainly in border areas and Sagaing Region in the northwest.

The NUG is trying to bring territory under its control.
It says it established a judiciary system last month in over a dozen townships in Sagaing Region, a stronghold of the resistance.

The military junta has not been recognized internationally as the legitimate government.