Train derailment in Iran kills at least 17

Media in Iran reported that a passenger train traveling in the country's eastern region derailed after colliding with an excavator, killing at least 17 and injuring more than 30 others.

Iran's state media said that several cars of the train derailed following the collision in the province of South Khorasan on Wednesday morning.

The train was reportedly carrying more than 300 passengers. The accident site is in an arid region, and footage shows no buildings nearby.

Footage and images from local media showed derailed train cars on their side far from the track. An excavator was also seen overturned, with its windows broken.

A man told local media that passengers were thrown out of their seats when the train driver suddenly applied the brakes. He also said the car that he was riding was overturned, with its windows smashed, adding that passengers were totally in confusion.

Authorities are now investigating the causes of the accident.