Ex-Hungarian ambassador to UN elected as next UN General Assembly chair

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday elected Hungarian diplomat Csaba Korosi as its next president. His year-long term will start in September.

Korosi is the former Hungarian ambassador to the United Nations.

In a speech, he said, "With multiple crises looming, nothing less than the credibility of the UN is at stake." He also warned that many are voicing concern that the spirit of cooperation is being lost.

He called for solidarity and cooperation among member states, stressing that the unprecedented challenges the world is facing can be resolved by working together.

Attention is now focused on whether the assembly can fulfill its role.

The dysfunctional state of the Security Council, another UN arm, has recently come under the spotlight since Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia, a permanent council member with veto power, blocked the adoption of a draft resolution calling for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a resolution condemning Russia has been adopted at the General Assembly, where all member states can vote.