Kishi: N.Korea likely launched short-range ballistic missiles on June 5

Japan's defense minister says North Korea may have launched two kinds of short-range ballistic missiles on Sunday: a model that is capable of following irregular trajectories and one that the North calls a "super-large" rocket.

The Defense Ministry says the North fired at least six ballistic missiles on Sunday. It says all of them are believed to have landed in the Sea of Japan outside the country's exclusive economic zone.

Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo told reporters on Tuesday that North Korea launched a large number of missiles from at least three different locations within a short timeframe.

Kishi described the move as "unprecedented" and "totally unacceptable."

He said the six missiles could be short-range types that the North has launched in the past. He said they could be "super-large" rockets and missiles that are capable of taking irregular flight paths.

Kishi said Pyongyang has launched at least 26 missiles this year. That number already exceeds the record 25 missiles, which the North fired in 2019.

Kishi said his ministry will continue to engage in efforts aimed at drastically strengthening Japan's defense capabilities. He said various options will be considered. Acquiring what is called "counterstrike capability" is among those options.