S.Korea announces new ambassador to Japan

The South Korean government announced on Tuesday the appointment of Yun Duk-min as the country's new ambassador to Japan.

Sixty-two-year-old Yun is an expert in Japan-South Korea relations as well as diplomatic and security policies. After studying in the United States, in 1991 he received a doctoral degree from Keio University in Japan.

During the government of former conservative President Park Geun-hye he served as chancellor of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, a think tank under the foreign ministry.

Yun also joined incumbent President Yoon Suk-yeol's diplomatic advisory team for the presidential election in March.

Fluent in Japanese, the ambassador-nominee met Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in April as part of a mission President Yoon sent to Tokyo ahead of his inauguration.

In an interview with NHK last month, Yun said that Japan and South Korea need to hold talks to solve the pending issues between them.

Attention is now focused on whether the new envoy, who is known to be well versed in Japanese affairs, will help improve chilly relations between the two countries.