Thai authorities rescue abandoned Rohingya

Authorities in Thailand have rescued 59 Rohingya refugees from a remote southern island. They are believed to have been abandoned by smugglers en route to Malaysia.

The refugees, including five children, were found Saturday on the island in Satun Province.
Officials say they were stranded there for two or three days before their discovery.

The Royal Thai Navy says the refugees were brought to the island by Malaysian smugglers on a Bangladeshi trawler. Authorities say they were dropped on the Thai island and told they were in Malaysia.

Officials say they paid the smugglers about 11-hundred dollars per person.

More than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar for neighboring Bangladesh after persecution following a military crackdown in 2017.

They are living in harsh conditions in refugee camps. With Myanmar in turmoil after last year's coup, some try to make their way to Malaysia and other countries by boat.

But many have been refused entry or are thought to have died after their boats went missing.