Eneos acquires EV charging network in Japan

Japan's largest petroleum wholesaler, Eneos Holdings, is building up its electric vehicle-charging business.
The company has acquired the rights to operate the charging network of Japanese electronics firm NEC.

Eneos is shifting its business model in line with the push for decarbonization. It set up an EV business development department in June last year.

The company plans to centrally control the nationwide network of several thousand EV chargers placed at supermarkets and other locations.

Eneos faces the challenge of offering other services than pumping gas with about 13,000 filling stations across Japan.
The acquisition of the rights means the company will be able to expand the EV charging network to its affiliated gas stations. It's also considering using NEC's proprietary digital technology to improve efficiency.

Eneos concluded an agreement with East Japan Railway in May to develop hydrogen-powered hybrid trains.